The cima in its apartments

Located in the city center, the building occupies a total area of 2,482 m². It measures about thirty meters high and includes a ground floor and seven levels with a basement of 900 m².


Towards a lowering of car insurance rates?

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has proposed to the Public Utilities Board to reduce auto insurance prices by 0.6 per cent.


Privacy policy

The Website accessible at URL : is a system of insurance management with an interface that provides for art information s support to the decision to compare multitudes of offers of products and servic es insurance .  


To benefit from the services offered by the editor, the visitors should contact the Personal Data that s er were collected, processed and protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The Editor attaches the utmost importance to the protection of the privacy and personal data collected , to the respect of the regulations in force, as well as to offer optimized services.


The list of definitions is at the end of this Privacy Policy.


I. Personal data on visitors and site actors

A) What personal data has been collected and why?

1. V isitors


a) Forms:

" Quotation request " forms :

Mandatorily on the application form of trading , the applicant must provide the following: name, email address, city, type of visitor (business / individual), company name if the Visitor and or applicant is a professional and descriptive of his need. 

Optionally : the Visitor and applicant may also optionally provide the following data: first name, telephone number, type of business, sector of activity, address of his website. 


The Publisher also collects the following data:

- Visitor's ID         

- Date of creation and date of sending the request         

- Recipient ID, Recipient Type, Recipient Email Address         


Subscription form to the Newsletter:

The data requested on the newsletter subscription page is the e-mail address.

b) Creation of an account:

The Visitor , consultant, can also create an account to access his personal space by obligatory communication of his e-mail address and a password.  

He can then optionally fill out his profile with the following data: surname, first name, city, telephone number, company name, type of company and address of his website.  

The account allows the visitor s or consultants to manage their personal data, its subscription to newsletters preferences, favorites and access requests made on the Website.

* * *

Purpose : the provision of this Personal Data by the Visitor , the consultant is obligatory to allow the Editor to render the Services to them (Visitors and Consultants) , in particular to collect and transmit his requests and contact information to the Actors of the Site and to communicate information. 

The provision of this information also allows the Publisher to manage his Visitors file, Consultants, manage the monitoring of the relationship with the Visitor and if necessary, to meet its legal obligations.

The data collected during the creation of the account allow the Visitor and or consultant to create and manage his account as described above.

Any Visitor not wishing to provide the required information will not be able to make a request, receive information or create an account.


2. Suppliers

Mandatory : to have a Suppliers account , the interested person must communicate in a mandatory way the following information: name of the company, type of company, sector of activity, address of the Internet site, name, first name, phone number and email address of the contact. 

For those who already have accounts , the Publisher also collects data related to the subscription, payment and billing.


Purpose : the provision of such Personal Data enables the Publisher to provide the Services to the various actors of the Site , to manage its client file including for purposes of prospecting, to manage the monitoring of the commercial and contractual relationship, and where applicable, to meet its legal obligations. 

Any entity (natural or legal person) not wishing to provide the necessary information may not appear on the Website, benefit from the Publisher Services and / or enter into a contract with the Publisher.


B) How is personal data processed?

The Personal Data are subject to data processing by the Editor and if exch shareholders, return the Visitors by the (s) Actor (s) recipient (s) of the Personal Data, in their respective capacities processors, for the purposes set out above.

The Publisher undertakes not to use them in any other context, nor to transmit them to third parties, except as provided below or by express agreement of the Visitor or the Exhibitor concerned.


Recipients : in accordance with the purposes set out above: 

When the Visitor has made a request for service , Initiates Recruitment , the Visitor's Personal Data will be forwarded to the potential providers for the requested services or, where appropriate, to one of its managers.

The Visitor acknowledges that the processing of Personal Data which may involve the transfer of Personal Data outside Africa is carried out by any actor of the site under his responsibility and according to his own personal data protection policy, as a responsible for treatment. The Publisher undertakes to require any actor to comply with the regulations in force in this regard. In particular, the Personal Data of the Visitor or consultant (last name, first name, e-mail address and, if applicable, contact telephone number) will only be communicated to another actor following a visit by the Visitor or Consultant after a commitment of the latter to comply with the principles applicable to Personal Data.

The Publisher may also be required to communicate the Personal Data of Visitors , Consultants and other Actors to third parties in the context of compliance with a legal obligation, for example to respond to complaints related to information and content that may be in violation rights of third parties, at the request of a judicial or public authority, or pursuant to a judicial, administrative, or independent administrative authority.


Subcontractors : Personal Data may be disclosed, solely for the purposes set out above, by the Publisher to its staff, affiliates or suppliers, including certain service providers based outside of Africa . The Publisher takes all measures to require these recipients to comply with the applicable regulations and, where appropriate, that the transfers are based on an adequate level of protection or sufficient guarantees. Publisher providers are authorized to process Personal Data only as instructed by the Publisher. 


Retention and archiving : The Personal Data concerning the Visitors and Actors of the Site are kept for the purpose of file management and, where appropriate, p rospection. 

The Publisher makes its best efforts to keep and archive this Personal Data under appropriate security conditions in accordance with the applicable provisions, according to the current means of the technique.


C) What rights to the personal data communicated?

Anyone who has communicated Personal Data to the Publisher has the following rights to them:

- A right of access and rectification;         

- A right to the erasure of data ("right to be forgotten"), a right to the limitation of treatment and a right to oppose treatment in the cases provided for by the regulations in force.          

- The right to define directives regarding the fate of his personal data after his death;         

- A right to portability of the raw data provided to the Publisher;         

- The right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority         


These rights can be exercised by e-mail to the e-mail address or by post to the address of the registered office of the Publisher. 

These rights must be exercised under the conditions provided for by the regulations in force. In particular, the Visitor who will make a request by email must send his request from the email account previously used on the Website, to prevent unauthorized access to the Personal Data concerned. No request will be taken into account if this condition is not respected.


II. N ewsletters

The Personal Data communicated by the Visitor or other Actors of the site may also be used by the Publisher to send them e-mails containing information about the Publisher, its activities, the Actors of the Site or identical products or services. or similar to the products and services offered to the Visitor.

Everyone has the right to oppose the receipt of informational e-mails from the Publisher at any time.


III. C ookies and chat service

Visitors are informed that the Website uses cookies to store information related to visitors and others. These cookies are functional cookies necessary to navigate the Website and to provide Services optimized for the Visitor.

By continuing to browse the Website, the Visitor accepts the deposit of these cookies.

The Visitor has the ability to block or delete cookies via the interface of his browser. To know the procedure to follow depending on the browser used, the Visitor is invited to consult the help section of this one.

In such a case, the navigation on the Website will not be optimized. If the deactivation of cookies on the Visitor's browser prevents him from using certain services or features provided by the Publisher, this malfunction can not in any way engage the responsibility of the latter.

In addition, the Publisher collects and stores the data of connection to the Website.

In addition, when using the chat services on the Website, the Visitor is informed that certain additional data may be collected on behalf of the Publisher.

Data collected:

- IP address, terminal identifiers, login credentials, number of visits to the site, number of page views, page url, time spent on the page, mouse position, satellite location data, by mobile phone         

- Marital status, identity, conversations         

- vuid (unique visitor identifier), <site_id> vvc (number of visits), <site_id> last (time since last visit) (retention period);         

- access-token (platform login), refresh_token (platform login), Platform (platform involved)         


These data are necessary for the operation of the chat service offered on the Website, specifically:

- Data collection during real-time conversations between counselors and Visitors via a conversational platform of engagement and relationships;         

- Collection of Visitor conversations to allow Councilors to interact directly with these Visitors;         

- Collection of data to identify the Visitor and to propose a discussion window ;         

- Collection of Visitors' Personal Data to enable them to use the chat solution.         

Finally, when using support services and contact forms, the Visitor is informed that certain additional data may be collected on behalf of the Publisher (recording information on the logs of the provider's servers, from the browser or the device, which may include the IP address, the "cookie" information, the type of browser and / or device used to access the services).


IV. D efinitions

Publisher : The company MK WBC Sarl, a company incorporated in Cameroon registered under the number: RC / DLA / 2017 / B / 2471 in the commercial register of the coast, whose head office is located street 5N, 414 Bloc L Maképé, Douala.  


Website : Website accessible via .   

Visitor : any natural or legal person, professional or not, who browses and / or makes a request on the Website. 

Supplier : any professional natural or legal person, Consultant or not, whose products or services are exposed on the Website of the Publisher and to which the Publisher is likely to send a request or the details of a Visitor in accordance with this Privacy policy.

Personal Data : personal data that directly or indirectly identifies a natural person within the meaning of the regulations in force. 

Privacy Policy : This document details the processing of Personal Data and cookies and plotters used on the Website. This privacy policy applies without prejudice to the general conditions or contracts concluded between the Publisher and the Visitors / Actors of the Site . 

Services : The Publisher offers insurance services. 

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