The cima in its apartments

Located in the city center, the building occupies a total area of 2,482 m². It measures about thirty meters high and includes a ground floor and seven levels with a basement of 900 m².


Towards a lowering of car insurance rates?

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has proposed to the Public Utilities Board to reduce auto insurance prices by 0.6 per cent.


Terms of service

The Website accessible at URL : is a system of insurance management with an interface that provides for art information s support to the decision to compare multitudes of offers of products and servic es insurance .  

We do not provide information on all products, suppliers or services available, so please note that you may be offered alternatives to the products, suppliers or services covered by our service. You must take into account your personal situation before making any decision based on the information on our website. We want to provide you with the information and confidence to make informed decisions, but we do not know enough about you to recommend specific suppliers, products, or services.

These Terms of Use (hereinafter "Terms") govern the use of the Website under the conditions provided below. You acknowledge that you have read and that you accept the terms of use for use below if the use of this website has prohibited you.


A Article 1 . Definitions

"Article" : means any content (text, photograph, video, ...) relating to an Exhibitor or its Products online on the Website, including, where appropriate, product brochures or data sheets, information or trends relating to to the sector of activity, the project of an Exhibitor or Actor ... 

"Potential Buyer" means any person, professional or organization , who accesses and browses the Website. The Potential Buyer must have the ability to contract or failing this to engage with the authorization of his legal representative. 

"Site Actors ( Insurers , Operator s Telecom, Achete ur s , Supplier s , Etc ..) " any professional person or entity, Consultant or not exposed (or whose products are exposed) on the Website of the Publisher and to which the Publisher may make a request or the contact information of a Visitor in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

"Buyer and or Member Supplier " means any Buyer and or Potential Supplier who has created an account on the Website. 

"Buyer and or Identified Provider " means any Purchaser and / or Potential Supplier who has made a request or purchased a product or service on the Website and has provided personal information about him. 

"Product" : means any product (and any service, if any) offered by an Actor or the Website and referenced on the Website.  

"Services" : means all the services offered by to Potential Buyers through the Website. 

"Website" : means any website published and operated by MK WBC , including the website . 


A rticle 2. O bject and acceptance of T & Cs


2.1. O object of the Terms

The purpose of these General Terms of Use is to set out the contractual provisions relating to the respective rights and obligations of and the Potential Buyers regarding the use of the Website and the Services offered therein.

The relationship between and the players is governed by the general conditions of sale applicable to all . Every professional who wants to become actor on the Website Gaahoassurance.comshould contact MK WBC by completing the form available on the Website.


2.2. A cceptance of Terms

The use of the features of the Website and the Services implies the acceptance of the Terms.

The acceptance of the General Conditions by one of the agents or collaborators of the Potential Purchaser legal person is deemed made in the name and on behalf of the said Potential Buyer by a duly authorized person.


A Article 3. S ite and Internet Services

Services are provided by to Potential Buyers on the Website. Some Services require the creation of an account or the identification of the Potential Buyer.

The Potential Buyer is informed that the personal data about him communicated to are processed in accordance with the privacy policy of available on the Website.


3.1. O bject website

The purpose of the Website is to present the Products and Articles of the Actors of the Site to Potential Buyers, to provide information to Potential Buyers and to enable Potential Buyers to create an account and benefit from the associated features, or to be put in contact with each other. with one or more Actors of the Site .

The equipment necessary to access and use the Website is the responsibility of the Potential Buyer, as well as the telecommunications costs incurred by their use.

It is recalled that does not own or sell the Products and has no control over the Articles referenced on the Website (its only role may, where appropriate, be limited to formatting or translation of content proposed by the Exhibitor).

Similarly, does not participate in the relationship or the eventual contract between the Exhibitor and the Potential Buyer, who perform their respective obligations under their own responsibility.

By referencing the Products and Articles of the Actors of the Site with a view in particular to link them with a Potential Buyer, intervenes only in the following qualities:

- Online platform operator         

- Intermediate         

- Facilitator         

All items, information relating to the Products or sales points of the Exhibitor (fact sheet, characteristics, price, etc.) are established by the Actors of the Site (and / or publicly available on the Internet) without intervention of on the contents (except, if necessary, formatting and translation of the contents being specified that the translation of the descriptions of the Products which can be made by means of an automated software). can not therefore be responsible for the information provided by the Actors of the Site or publicly available about their Products, for which does not have the quality of publisher. In addition, publishes and publishes content on the Website, including thematic e-magazines, accessible online on the Website. The Potential Buyer can subscribe to e-magazines and, in general, to the newsletters of , by completing the form provided for this purpose on the Website.


3.2. R esearch products and creating an account or request

The Website allows Potential Buyers to search for Products, view information about them or the Actors of the Site and / or be returned to their website, depending on the features offered on the Website.

If this functionality is available to the relevant Exhibitor, the Website allows Potential Buyers to make additional requests directly to the Exhibitor regarding Products that may be of interest to them.

To make a request, the Potential Buyer will have to create an account or identify himself, according to the process on the Website.

The Member Buyer or the Identified Purchaser undertakes to provide with accurate, fair and up-to-date information that does not affect, in any respect whatsoever, the rights of third parties and to communicate to Gaahoassurance. com any necessary update of the data communicated during registration

Once registered, the Member Purchaser will receive an email confirmation of account creation from .

When creating the account, the Member Purchaser must choose a login and password that are personal and confidential. Buyer Member agrees to ensure the confidentiality of his username and password and will be responsible for the fraudulent use of his username and password due to fault or negligence on his part. Any Member Purchaser who knows of a fraudulent use of his identifiers must inform as soon as possible.

The account allows the Member Purchaser to benefit from additional functionalities accessible on the account, for example to place the Products among his "favorites" , which he can find within his account, to access the distributors' card. a Product (if available), to access requests made to the Actors of the Site , to manage subscriptions to e-magazines or newsletters ...


A Article 4. O BLIGATIONS potential buyers

In the context of the use of the Website, each potential Buyer undertakes not to infringe public order and to comply with the laws and regulations in force, to respect the rights of third parties and the provisions of the TOS.

In particular, each potential Buyer has the obligation to:

- Behave loyally and reasonably with regard to , Actors Site and third parties;         

- Be honest and sincere in the information provided to and, where applicable to the Actors of the Site and third parties;         

- Use the Website in accordance with its purpose as described in the TOS;         

- Do not misuse the purpose of the Website especially to commit crimes, offenses or contraventions punishable under the Penal Code or any other law;         

- Respect the privacy of third parties and the confidentiality of exchanges;         

- Respect the intellectual property rights of concerning the elements of the Website;         

- Do not modify the information posted by or an actor;         

- Do not use the Website to massively send unsolicited messages (advertising or otherwise);         

- Not to disseminate data that has the effect of reducing, disrupting, slowing down or interrupting the normal operation of the Website.         


A Article 5 . Intellectual property

The trademarks, logos, slogans, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, software solutions and texts and any other content on the Website are the exclusive intellectual property of or the Actors of the Site and may not be reproduced, used or represented without express permission under pain of prosecution.

Any representation or reproduction, total or partial, of the Website and its content, by any means whatsoever, without the express prior authorization of the owner of the rights to said content . In particular, expressly prohibits:

- The extraction, by permanent or temporary transfer of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the contents of its database on another medium, by any means and in any form whatsoever;         

- the re-use, by making available to the public of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the content of the database, whatever its form;         

- Reproduction, extraction or reuse, by any means, of the Articles and more generally of the contents referenced on the Website.         

The acceptance of these Terms is worth recognition by Potential Buyers intellectual property rights of and commitment to respect them.


A rticle 6. Liability

6.1. P rinciples general

The bonds of are obligations of means. is committed to making every effort to ensure continuity of access and use of the Website 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. however draws the attention of potential Buyers on the the fact that the current communication protocols via the Internet do not make it possible to ensure in a certain and continuous way the transmission of electronic exchanges (messages, documents, identity of the sender or recipient). declines any responsibility in particular:

- if it is impossible to temporarily access the Website for technical maintenance operations or updating the published information. Potential Buyers recognize that the responsibility of can not be engaged in case of malfunctions or interruptions of said transmission networks;         

- in the event of a viral attack, unlawful intrusion in an automated data processing system or incidents not due to a fault of or abnormal use or illegal exploitation of the Site by a Potential Buyer or a third party;         

- in relation to the content of third party websites to which hypertext links on the Website refer;         

- in case of non compliance with these Terms attributable to Potential Buyers;         

- in the event of delay or non-fulfillment of its obligations, when the cause of the delay or the non-performance is linked to a case of force majeure as defined in these Terms;         

- in case of foreign cause not attributable to ;         

- in the event of any breach by the Potential Buyer or the Exhibitor in the direct relationship between Potential Buyer and Exhibitor, to which MK WBC does not participate.         

In any case, the responsibility of can be committed only in case of proven fault.

In the event of abnormal use or unlawful exploitation of the Website, the Potential Purchaser is then solely liable for damages caused to third parties and the consequences of any claims or actions that may result.


6. 2 . Platform operator online

The referencing of Products on our search engine is only related to the relevance of the product. The evaluation of this relevance is based on the level of similarity between the semantics of the research performed and the parameters proposed for the service or product sought. Equally relevant, the Actors' Products of the Site having subscribed an annual subscription to are put forward. The Actors of the Site are subject to the Terms and Conditions of and may be subject to a dereference in case of breach thereof.


A Article 7. Termination may terminate the account of the Member Purchaser in case of failure of the latter to any of its obligations after prior notification remained unsuccessful.

The termination will take place without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by to the Member Purchaser for damages suffered as a result of such breaches. may refuse to create an account or send a request to any potential Buyer who has committed a breach of these Terms.


A Article 8. D General rovisions

8.1. V alidity of the Terms

Any modification of the legislation or the regulation in force, or any decision of a competent court invalidating one or more clauses of the UGC (not essential) can not affect the validity of the UGC. Such modification or decision does not authorize Potential Buyers to disregard the TOU and / or their legal obligations.


8.2. M odification of the Terms

The GTU may be modified and updated by at any time, in particular to adapt to legislative or regulatory developments. In case of refusal of the new Terms, the Member Buyer may terminate his account.


8.3. R enunciation

The fact that one of the parties does not demand at any time the strict performance by the other party of any provision or condition of the TOS will not be deemed to constitute a definitive waiver of such provision or condition.


A Article 9. The angue, applicable law and dispute resolution

9.1. The angue

Any translation of the Terms in a language other than French is given as an indication, only the French version being authentic.


9.2. D applicable ight

The present TOS and, in general, the relations between the Potential Buyer and are governed by Cameroonian law .


9.3. Resolution disputes and Jurisdiction

Prior to any legal recourse, negotiation in a spirit of good faith will be privileged with a view to reaching an amicable agreement upon the occurrence of any conflict relating to the contract, including its validity.

In the absence of an amicable agreement, the Cameroonian courts within the jurisdiction of MK WBC's head office will be competent.

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